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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

PostHeaderIcon Tragically Rockin' Beautiful - Barbara Jensen

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This is my original creation.  I used the kit Lovely Rockdoll by Bibi's Collection that you can find at S&CO here.  The tube is by Barbara Jensen.  You can find it here.  I am using Paint Shop Pro X 2 Ultimate.  Start with your 700x700 new image open, and we begin.  I used papers 3 and 6.  Plus, I used masks MisfitsChoiceMask4 from Creative Misfits Creations here, and weescotlass' WSL_Mask_143 you can get here.  The last layer is the paper 3 with the mask from misfits creations.  Gradient glow and/or drop shadow whenever and wherever you want in the process to make things stand out and/or be darker.  The next layer is element 5 flipped upside down and placed how you want it.  Element 50 is the layer in front of that one.   Element 68 is in front of that layer.  I made them all big to see them on the edges.  Element 37 is in front of that one, and you can put it where you want to be able to see it most through the paper.  Element 83 is in front of that.  I placed one where I wanted it in the left hand corner to show as much as I wanted, duplicated, mirrored, and merged the layer down.  Layer with paper 6 and the WSL mask on it is in front of that.  Element 25 is in front of that where you can see it the most.  Element 87 is in front of that.  I duplicated, mirrored it, and merged down, once I had it where I wanted.  Element 70 is in front of that.  I flipped it upside down, duplicated, mirrored, and merged down.  Element 26 is in front of that.  I flipped it, too, and I played with it to have it placed right with the layer behind and those in front.  Element 85 is in front of that.  I placed it where I wanted it to be seen the best.  Element 65 is in front of that.  I placed one on a side as I wanted to see it, duplicated, mirrored, and merged down.  My word Tragically is the next layer.  In front of that, I have the element 73, so it would meet in the middle.  I had to duplicate, mirror, and merge down to have them together like that.  In front of that, I have element 80 sized to how I like with element 11 sized down to how I wanted, so they looked like one component.  I merged all the layers down together, so they were one component for me to move around.  I did, also, flip element 11, before I put it together with the speaker element.  Element 78 is placed on a side you like duplicated, mirrored, and merged down.  From there, you put whatever tube, a statement of my choice, the artist's copyright, your watermark, and keep the name open to be able to change it.  Below, I have tags I made with the background that have tubes from Verymany, Arthur Crowe, and Alex Prihodko.  Shows the differences you can make with one background.  You can reach me at my email, and enjoy the tut!

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