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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

PostHeaderIcon Missing tags, artists, and friends...

Ok, so I have had quite a time with all my great friends knowing what I have been going through, but I feel like I might get closer to where I need to be to pull this all back together.  Granted, it will take time, but I know I have a good support system.  I have some great friends who tell me they love my work, and I love them for waiting forever for me.  For those of you who think I am that good, I hope you know I love you.  I am a fighter and will be because this is something I love to do!  When I do come back, I hope to include a new person in the group and as many old ones and new ones as I can get because I want to come back big!  I want the tag world to know I am back, so I can show you I might have taken a long time to get better but I can come back just as good!  I am still CT for AIL and Pink creationz/Starz Creationz, as far as I know.  They keep me, I hope, but I want to expand, too.  If you like my creationz and want my work on your wall, I would be flattered!  I am coming back to New Boomer place when I can, but I still can't give an exact date.  I just know that I haven't done enough self advertising as I want or need, so help me spread this word out there!  I love my friends, family, and supportive folk who have followed me through all this hell.  Love and hugz to all~~  Karee   See you as soon as I can get there.  :)

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My name is Karee, and I am a single woman with no kids, except my cat, Onyx. I have been doing tags and PSP for quite some time. It has to be over 6 years, but I haven't kept track. It is what I do to relax and have fun. I run a tagging group on My New Boomer Place, but it is called Grade A Smartasses! Come over there to join in. Hoping to have more FTU and PTU tuts here for you all. Tongue n' Cheek Tagz means I put a statement on my tags, so mine have more than just a name on them! Hugz~ Karee Btw, I can't seem to get blinkies to work on my page for right now. I CT for AIL and follow a lot of blogs. As soon as I can get them to work, I will try to get the blinkies up to make them accessible.

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