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Monday, December 31, 2012

PostHeaderIcon Different I will always be

This was made by me, Karee, December 31st, and any resemblance to another tag is coincidence.  It is an original.  I am using the beautiful tube of Barbara Jensen that you can get here.  The scrap kit is BiBi's Goth 3 that I got at Pics for design which you can get here.  I used a lot of elements in this one because it has a lot of them.
I used four papers and two masks to get the background.  The papers I used were 7, 8, 9, and 10.  I did use the same mask for each which is DBV misfit mask 4 which you can get at Creative Misfit Creations here.   Element 63 was added into the background between the front two layers, too.  Everything is fit to size, and remember the gradient glow and drop shadow on anything you want at anytime.  Going from the last layers to the front, the next layer is element 68 that I free rotated 90 degrees to the left, duplicated, and mirrored.  Next is element 70 that I fit to go inside the framework of the round element.  Element 90 is on top of that, and I mirrored and flipped it to see more color.  Element 60 is in front of that to give some glitter, and it was duplicated, mirrored, and flipped.  Element 61 was put to look like the shine was coming from the moon effect.  Element 63 was then put around the outer edges of the framework, so it could be seen on edges.  Element 106 was put to look like it was behind the moon, but could come out of the edges of the framework and seen through it, too.  Elements 21 and 22 were put together in the upper right corner to give the moon effect.  Element 11 was put into the framework like it is there with gradient glow and drop, but element 71 was flipped and mirrored without the gradient glow to show white in front.  Element 72 was put on duplicated twice with one flipped, and one pulled down to cover the whole mouth of the framework.  Element 91 was put up so it fit the framework of the round mouth element, but showed the inside, too.  Element 46, the framework, was put and sized to fit, so it wasn't too big in the picture.  Element 20 was put at the bottom to fit it and make the cloudy effect.  Elements 6 and 7 were placed in the left corner with a mirror and flip to have them on the corners together, but not on top of each other.  Elements 110 and 111 were placed on the page, so they were by each other and not on top of each other.  Element 2 was placed at the top like a curtain.  With that, I put my watermark and Barbara's copyright on it to start my own wording and name. Any questions or tags you want to share can be sent to my email at Thanks for stopping by!

 photo gothontop1sm_zpsc72477a1.png Below is using the work of Tim Lowery you can buy at AIL here. Essentially, you keep the spiderweb element that I put a gradient glow and drop on, but delete the other one. Take out the curtains and the mouth framework. Instead, you put element 45 after the sparkle you put on three times. Put element 51 after the cloud effect below the cross. Put element 13 and 12 next to each other, and merge the layer down. Element 4 goes in right after 2, so you change it to fit the screen. You put your watermark, the Tim Lowery copyright, and whatever wording you want with a name. I liked this kit, and it was big enough to make more than one tag! Questions and tags go to Thanks, again! Hugz, Karee

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This tag was made by Karee on Sunday the 30th of December, and it is original, so any resemblance is coincidence.
I used the art of Arthur Crowe and the Sexy & Rebell Kit they sell here.  You can use your own, but make sure you have a license to use any tube.
I open a new image of 700 by 700.  Yes, I like them big, and I like a statement tag, so mine will have some kind of statement on them.
For the background, I used three different papers and two different masks.  You can gradient glow and/or drop shadow whenever you want.  The papers I used are 3, 4, and 6.  I did put a gradient glow on a couple.
When it comes to elements, I used the Disco ball in the middle.  Again, you can gradient glow and drop shadow on anything on these tags, so I just have fun with it.  I used the Flame.  I turned it sideways to fit, duplicated, and mirrored to get the flame coming from either side.  The Skull & Chains were placed on to fit, duplicated, and flipped to have them on bottom and top.  The Skull Heart was placed in front of the Disco ball to line it up.  I had to mirror it to get it to go that way.  I placed the Skulls & Posts in the front with sizing to the image.  The Sparkles are behind the Skull & Chains.  At this point, the layers go Skull Heart, Disco ball, Flames, Skull & Chains, and Sparkles.  I took the Splatter and put it between the Skull Heart and Disco ball layers.  I sized it to half and duplicated with a mirror and flip, so it could cover both sides.
From there, you put the artist copyright, your watermark, and whatever you want to say with a name on it.  The one below uses the art of Keith Garvey which you can get here.  It just has different wording.

Any questions or tags you want to share can go to my email  Thanks for viewing!

Sunday, December 30, 2012
I would love to thank Tamie for my layout because she ROCKS, and she did such a good job for me! Thanks for all you have done and being such a good friend anyway!! You can buy her stuff here!
Saturday, December 29, 2012

PostHeaderIcon Living Full Force PTU

This tag was created by Karee and was done on Paint Shop Pro X2 Ultimate.  The art work is by Arthur Crowe which you can buy here, and you can get the scrap kit HotNSweet there, too.

When it comes to a mask to use, I used several masks with several different papers in the kit to get the look. The papers I used were numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

I used element 6 in the left hand corner with a couple gradient glows.  You can drop shadow when you want to.
Element 7 I put hue of 8 and saturation of 0 to make it that color. Used inner bevel, too.  I duplicated it and mirrored, so they could be on both sides.  All through this process, you can gradient glow and drop shadow whenever you want.
Element 10 I put on the top and sized to the picture.  Once in place, I duplicated and flipped it.
Element 12 was copied and pasted with a pick to fit between element 15.  Behind element 15, I put element 30 and used the same hue and saturation as before.
Always apply copyright and license to the pic.
When it comes to wording, you can put whatever you want.  My wording deals with my time away in a hospital and the problems I dealt with.
With the tag below, I just have a few differences in elements and wording.

To share results or ask questions, you can email me at

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