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Thursday, January 9, 2014

PostHeaderIcon Baby, I'm A Firework

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I am using the scrap kit Midnight Party by Bibi's Collection that you can get at Scraps N Company here.  I am using an exclusive tube from PFD that you can get here.  I started with my 700 x 700 image in Paint Shop Pro X 2 Ultimate.  I used paper 2 out of the papers, and I used masks Nik- static and MythMask 65.  I am thinking the masks came from Creative Misfits Creations here.  With the MythMask, I took three different colors from the kit and put them each in a raster layer with flood fill, and I used that mask.  Each one was moved the way I wanted to show as much of each color.  Element 36 is, actually, the very back layer placed how I wanted to see it.  I know I moved it around to make it a lot bigger.  Remember to gradient glow and drop shadow wherever you want it to look darker and/or stand out.  Element 60 is the next layer, and it is made to be covering the whole layer.  The next layer is the paper with the mask of Nik - Static made how you want it to look.  Element 16 is in front of it, and I put one where I wanted, duplicated it, mirrored it, and I merged the layers down together.  Element 20 is in front of that, and I placed them how I wanted with a duplicate, mirror, flip, and merge of the layers down.  This way the yellow balls are where I wanted them.  Element 64 is in front of that.  I have it facing downward, so you can see the waves coming from the rose more.  Plus, I did put some motion trail and a form of bevel on it..  In front of it, there is the merged layers of colors with the mask of MythMask 65.  Element 79 is in front of that with a placement how you want and added duplicates, flips, and mirrors if wanted.  Element 37 of yellow stars is in front of that the way you want it.  Element 17 is in front of the placed however you want it.  Element 39 of pink bubbles is in front of that.  I put it where I wanted and mirrored it, so they are on both sides and merged together.  Element 27 is in front of it, and I duplicated to put two flipped, merged, and back to back to be seen how I wanted.  Element 29 is in front of that placed on the bottom half of the pic the way I wanted to see it.  It is turned 90 degrees, too.  Element 57 is in front of that, and I duplicated and mirrored, so they could be on each side.  Element 69 is in front of that, and I put it so it covered the sides and the top to be seen.  Element 46 is in front of that, and I duplicated it to have two beside each other to see the stars hanging down.  Element 82 is in front of that, and I made the hue and saturation different to match the colors.  It is placed on the top to show lights across the top.  Element 25 is in front if it, so it can be seen in the fireworks and not cover the lights.  In front of the blue fireworks, I put element 93 of the bigger fireworks.  I duplicated them, mirrored, flipped, and I placed the flipped side how I wanted it next to the regular fireworks, so I could merge the layers together.  Element 33 of the star balloons is in front of that placed where and how I wanted, so I could duplicate and mirror for one on each side.  I placed elements 70 and 71 each in front of a balloon where I wanted, so I could duplicate and mirror.  This way, each is in front of a balloon to show both colors of fireworks.  Lastly, I placed element 51 in the bottom right hand corner for some more celebration look.  The tube is on with my watermark, the copyright for the artist, the statement of Baby, I'm a Firework, and the name of the person who will be owning it.  You can see three more ways to do it below with Ellie and Alex from PFD.  Show me anything you make at my email and/or ask any questions.  I enjoy any feedback and any followers!  Hugz~~  Karee
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