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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

PostHeaderIcon Gotta Love My Cuteness

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I made this tag with the wonderful kit Lolas by Bibi that you can get here at S&Co.  The tube I am using is the cute tube Steampunk Babe that you can get here a the PSP Project sight.  I start with the 700 x 700 image, so let's get to the tutorial.  I used papers 5, 9, 8, and 12, and I used masks Becky_Mask022, Becky_Mask033 and Breezemisfitschoicemask3.  I get these at Creative Misfits Creations here.  The last layer is paper 9 with paper 5 in front of it.  The masks used for them are the Becky ones.  Anywhere and/or on anything you can gradient glow and/or drop shadow for effect.  In front of them, I put element 79 where I wanted it in a corner to be seen, duplicated, flipped, duplicated, mirrored, duplicated, and flipped, so I had four.  One for each corner, and I merged those layers down.  I put element 111 in front of that where I wanted to see it.  I duplicated it, and I merged the layers down.  Element 69 is in front of that.  I put one on a side the way I wanted, duplicated, mirrored, and merged down.  Then, I put element 94 to look like it is hooking onto the elements behind it, duplicated, flipped, and merged down.  Element 45 is in front of that put in a way I could see the circle part, duplicated, mirrored, flipped, and merged down.  Element 23 is in front of that in a size where you can see it through the blades and around them a bit.  Element 19 is in front of that with element 20 in front of it.  I put them so the edges were all right, and the openings can match up.  Element 81 is in front of that.  I placed it in a part where I could see some of it duplicated, flipped, duplicated, mirrored, duplicated, mirrored, and merged all of the bubble layers together.  Element 71 is in front of that, but element 11 was placed first because the web has to be put in the circle just right to match edges.  Element 50 is in front of that.  I put is on half of the tag, duplicated, mirrored, flipped, and merged the layers down.  In front of that, there is paper 12 and paper 8 with the Breeze mask.  Each one has different sizes to them to look like they do.  Element 44 is in front of that where you want it.  Element 41 is in front of that wherever you want to put it.  The last element is 7. You can put it where you feel the need.  From there, I put the artist copyright, my watermark, my statement, and a name!  Below, I have some more tags from the kit.  A couple of them have an added element or two.  They use tube from The Hunter, Zlata Ma, and Alex Prihodoko.  Remember that you can reach me by email and show me what you come up with!  No one does, but it is worth asking...

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