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Sunday, January 20, 2013

PostHeaderIcon Dark Beauty with FTU kit

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With this tag, I am using the art of misticheskaya from Pics for Design.  You can purchase her here.  The scrap kit I used is from Alikas Scraps.  It is in the PTU now FTU area here.  She makes wonderful scrap kits, so it is worth looking into.

Open your new image 700x700, for me.  I used papers 5, 7, and 10 for the background, and two different masks.  Before I start, remember to gradient glow and drop shadow when and where you want.  Element 60 was copy and pasted.  Free rotate it 90 degrees, so you can put it on the side.  Duplicate and mirror, so it is on both sides.  Element 65 was copied and pasted behind it, so that it fit between the openings on element 60.  When it was where I wanted it, I duplicated, and mirrored.  I repeated with a flip and mirror of that to get four of them.  Element 38 was copy and pasted.  Free rotate it 90 degrees, so you can put it across the top.  Duplicate the layer and flip.  Element 28 copy and paste, so you can place where you want it.  From there, mirror and flip.  Element 17 was placed on there where you want, and I flipped it to have the thicker side on top.  Take the magic wand and paste element 56 in there.  Promote and delete, so the mirror ball is in the background.  Take the magic wand to element 17, again, past the tube, move to where you want, promote, and delete.  Make sure the promoted layers are behind the frame.  I duplicated the layer.  On the back layer, I changed the properties to Luminance (L), and front was put on screen.  Element 35 was copied and pasted on there to fit half, so you can duplicate and flip the layer to have it all over.  Element 26 was copied and pasted in behind that.  It was placed in the corner where I wanted and duplicated with a mirror and flip to make it go in both corners.  Element 15 was put in the corner and done the same as Element 26, except I used the hue and saturation of 8 and 0 to make it the gray color.  Element 34 was copied and pasted on there to see it on the bottom.  Then, I put a mirror and flip on it to have it go the other way on the top.  Element 53 is the last in front of the background.  I moved it around to see as much as I could of it with all of the stuff in front of it.  From there, you put the copyright, your watermark, whatever you want to say, and a name on it.  I would love to see what anyone does with this, so you can email them to me at  Plus, that is for questions, too.  Thanks for viewing, and I hope you become a follower!  Hugz, Karee

Below, I just differed in elements and put more promoted layers with frame I chose. Plus, I am using her art from Scraps and the City that can be purchased here.  Any questions about it can be sent to the same address above.


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